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The Spider Catches a Sexy Fly

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Running time : 29:08 min

Actors : Adam Wirthmore, Samuel O'Toole


Adam Wirthmore is disturbed. A maniacal, chain-clad dungeon keeper with a taste for damp flesh, he's captured a hunky new plaything by the name of Samuel O'Toole.

When Samuel realizes his worst fears have become reality, all he can do is plead for freedom while he's chained to a dungeon post, completely without defenses. But Wirthmore thrives on helplessness and feeds on the terror of his victims. This prisoner's large, juicy cock is what he wants and he'll take it without asking. But if Samuel does get free, he'll make his captor pay...with that tender asshole. Check out this horrifying scene to discover the fate of strapping young Samuel O'Toole and see if his throbbing dick avenges his mistreatment.


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